About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to create an avenue for our members to make connections that form lasting, quality business relationships. By meeting with other business owners and key decision makers, our members not only receive weekly business development and marketing training–they get the chance to increase referrals through positive, professional, and fun weekly meetings with our chapter.

Sonoma County Referral Group

The idea of this group is simple. There are many opportunities in Sonoma County where a business person can go to try and sell their product or service. But we found that there are business people out there who think a little differently. These are people who want to be a part of a group where the primary purpose is to engage and try to help the other members first. It seems counter-intuitive, but groups work when the people in them are not just trying to sell their stuff. Groups work when business people are there to see how they can help others with referrals, contacts, and connections. It really is that simple. Yes, there are all the elements of a networking meeting with the presentations, “commercials”, raffles, etc. But the real reason people stay involved is that the members are interested in everyone else’s success as much as their own. That is what this group is all about.

Sonoma County Referral Group started with just a few regular members. After losing our regular meeting space in Santa Rosa, we have finally found a beautiful space in Sebastopol. Every Friday morning at 8:00 am we meet with  other members of our SCRG family and find ways to refer each other, introduce contacts, engage, and connect!

What Makes Us Extra-Special:
Beginning in March, 2019, SCRG members will vote on a local non-profit for the group to support. If you have a non-profit who would love to be our partner, please contact us!


 Contributions will be collected in a weekly 50/50 type of raffle. Not only does the non-profit receive funds, but a lucky member or visitor can win the other 50%!

Member Benefits:
• Name included in the online member directory
• Business advertised during meetings
• If you bring a guest, you will have 10 minutes to share your business at a future meeting and be given 2 additional raffle tickets
• Access to Facebook Group

What You Should Know

SCRG meets weekly, every Friday morning from 8:00-9:00, with extra time to mix and mingle with members and guests.

Requirements to become a SCRG member:

• 1st meeting is free for new attendees
• Membership fees are currently $5 per meeting or $15 per month.
• Members must participate in person
• Must be employed or own a business doing business in Sonoma County. 
• Must be committed to helping other members

Inactive Members:
• Membership becomes inactive if absence for 4 consecutive weeks and/or has unpaid membership dues.
• May be included in the Facebook group but will no longer be able to post, profile and ability to update on the group’s website will be removed.
• Inactive members can be reinstated after attending the meeting two consecutive times and paying membership dues.